Born Madonna Louise Véronica Ciccone

the 1958 's August 16th à Bay City (Michigan)

Of a family italo-american of 8 children, Madonna is the third and the first girl. Her mother Madonna Louise Ciccone ( born Fortin) is a French canadian and her father Sylvio Tony Ciccone was one of the first generation of italian ingeneer at Chrysler Motors in America. The siblings of Madonna are : Martin, Anthony, Paula Mae , Christopher and Melanie. Christopher has been a dancer and the artistic assistant of Madonna since the beginning of her career to 2000. He wrote a book " Life with my sister Madonna " in 2008. A reference's book for those who want to know better Madonna.

One of the models of Chrysler Motors in this time Madonna and her brother Christopher during the  Girlie Show Tour in 1993


Ciccone :

An name with Italian consonance, like some thousand of americans, like De Niro, Al Pacino, Scorsese...or Al Capone. From 1830, the United States received more than 34 millions of emigrates who was constituding a hand of work ideal to build the country. After the Irish, Italiens came a lot ; in New York, Chicago or Boston, each times they were group together in the district called " Little Italy " to continue to share their traditions, culture, language, cooking...

The italians origins of Madonna became from Pacentro, a little village near the town of Aquila in the Abruzzes's region. Here was born, in 1867, Nicola Pietro Ciccone, the Madonna's defer grand parent. Twenty six years later, this little poor and brave farmer married Anna Maria Mancini who gave birth to Gaetano who worked in fields with his father and married Michelina, then they emigrated to the United States where Gaetano worked in a steelworks. Living in a modest home, the young immigrants gave birth to a children reach of six sons. Sylvio is the second (the father of Madonna).

Italy : Pacentro the village of the origins of Madonna
Gaetano and Michelina, the grand parents of Madonna
Aunt Bambina Di Julio, the grand  Aunt of Madonna one of the only who didn't emigrate to the United States


Childhood :

Church in the morning then school, registered in convents school with excellent result, homeworks and domestic spots...

She lost her mother when she was 5 years old, of a breast cancer.

Her mother in law, Joan had 2 children with Sylvio : Jennifer and Mario. Madonna had to help her. She goes at the bal. She's frighten, the fear of the disease.

The adolescence :

At the adolescence, she defrait the column of the school of Rochester where she did her studies. She stucks up her skirts in the rat of the buttock, thread nylon stockings that 's forbidden her mother law, rembourer its bras with cotton et put on her lips a lots of lipstick, some foundation cream and enormous beauty spots.

She met Christopher Flynn who steer her own school of ballet at Rochester. He has 28 years old more than her, he inculcate her the discipline, make her discover the world of arts and culture, goes out her in gay nightclubs and tried to convice her to go to New York.

In 1978, after her diplome of the end of studies and one year at the University of Michigan, music and dance section Madonna came at New York with some dollars in the pocket ;she find foods in garbage cans rests of ships and bread...being a vegetarian. She spend her first nights at the stranger before pick up a dirty accommodation. She's to eimpreigner "black" and "latinos" culture and graffiti artist. She'll made littles jobs to survive like waitress in fast foods, dancer, nude model...that the pictures has been acquired by Penthouse and Playboy later, when her carreer began to hire.

It's in 1979 that Madonna attracted attention in an audition for Patrick Hernandez by two french.

Then she became drummer in a group calls "the Breakfast Club" and singer " Emmy and the Emmies ".

By sheer force of perseverance, Madonna will embody the picture of the american dream :

"Succed from anything with her own determination."

In 1982, she officialy start her in the Sire Records production founded by Seymour Stein and her first release was "Everybody" then a first album " Madonna " produced by Reggie Lucas. (Go and see the column Discographie) Liz Rosenberg will be her communication's agent since today.

Singer, Author, Composer, Dancer, Acter, Cinema and Artistic Producer, Writer, Icon of Fashion, humaniste...

Madonna is consider like " The Queen of the Pop "

and stay today the singer who sold the more records and albums in the world :

200 millions of albums and 320 millions of singles.

In life :

Madonna has a athlete healthy life : Jogging everyday then body-building, pilates, yoga and dance. She follows a macrobiotic regime and protéïne. Madonna like japonese's cook.

Madonna is mother of 4 children, a girl Lourdes with Carlos Leon, a son Rocco with Guy Ritchie and David and Mercy adopted in the Malawi.

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