Welcome on Madonna Célébration
This site is a long work since a few years, entery graphic, all the drawings(cartoons) are made by my own. It came on the Web the 30 of july on 2007. Here's the first page on line in this time :

Since I was young( 14 years old) , I was drawing Madonna, with all material (pens, paint, ink...and with graphic tablet for drawing on my computer) Why Madonna ? : She is the idol of my adolescence and yet now. I am a fervent admirer of Madonna who wants to share my vision of this Artiste with the Fans of Madonna and with those who are not.

Here is the second page of the introduction :

This web site is aim to make recognize Madonna in a another side that the simply Music Pop Star but into the most complete artiste, the most sincere and the most evolutive in the continuaty of her art, who exists...

And simply for sharing ma passion for Art...

Madonna cartoons by  Isabel R.M.
Being a Lyonnaise, this web site borned at Lyon...You can see under The Fourvière Basilic with Madonna at the place of the Virgin...very representative.
Second version of Madonna celebration
In 2007
Spring 2008
Summer 2008

To be continued...and thanks for your visit.

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